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a photo of a funnel cloud on the ground in hattiesburg. >> we're learning this all in the last minute. we knew there was going to be severe weather. we've been watching the second system now that moves eastward. the first one, of course, the record snow up in the northeast. this one stretches from the deep south to the canadian border. we knew there was severe weather. tornado watches were placed in effect hours ago, and now wire starting to see warnings that were occurring a few hours ago but now they're producing images like this. this coming into our newsroom moments ago. we actually have three photographs. this is in hattiesburg, mississippi, area. easily you can detect that, it's a tornado, and it goes hand in hand with our doppler radar i am imagines and what the national weather service is telling us. forest county and jones county in mississippi, these storms are moving to the east-northeast a good 40, 45 miles per hour. you're under a tornado warning. it's in southwest alabama, choctaw county, clark county, washington county. we have as many as four warnings. previous hour or two
have been watch something near the hattiesburg area. it's been lifting slightly to the north but there have been cells in advance of the system that have also given the national weather service the reason for producing some tornado warnings and dropping those notices throughout the area. southwest alabama again as mentioned, that would be choctaw, clark, and washington counties. as we continue to watch, as mentioned, it goes to the north where the blimzzard conditions are in effect. you can see where the effects are. we have freezing rain advisories that include areas from around just north of new york city where winter storm advisories are now in effect for areas that already had been hit hard and pounded with the snow. of course, you get the freezing overnight. it could start out as some additional snowfall again and then this will change to rain and flooding is going to be a big problem here. this obviously though is just one of several stories. the immediate threat is the severe weather that we're finding and, of course, with the reports of damage. brianna, we're going to
states. this is new video just in to cnn, it was reported by a storm chaser in hattiesburg, mississippi late this afternoon, when an enormous tornado touched the ground and started tearing up the town. we have extensive damage to show you tonight. there are some people hurt, and i will talk with the man who shot this amazing footage in just a few minutes. >>> first, this breaking news to tell you about, thousands of people are stranded after a cruise ship lost power in the gulf of mexico. an engine fire left the carnival triumph without electricity, but we hear it is now operating on emergency generator power. the fire has reportedly been put out, and the ship is to be towed to the closest port. another of its vessels is on the scene bringing food and drinks to the stranded ship. >>> in southern california -- >> collectively this group is posting an award of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. >> the city of los angeles offering a hefty reward after days of fruitless searching in the san bernardino mountains for a rogue ex-cop. christopher dorner allegedly
didn't hear any sirens in west hattiesburg, they were loud and proud. also want to give a shout out to the local fire department. as the tornado was paralleling highway 98 and moving into the city, they were out there watching traffic to keep folks from driving into the tornado as well as police out on the int interstate. they had the interstate blocked. >> just amazing video. what type of damage have you seen in. >> the damage is telephone poles and power lines snapped off at the ground as well as windows blown in one side of the building and blown out the damage. there's significant roof damage to the music building as the university. >> this was a long track tornado. you tracked it for a long time. how long do you think this was on the ground? how many miles? >> it's impossible to say. we think the tornado touched down in louisiana and the yaare south of marion county mississippi. that would put it roughly at least 60 miles at a minimum. after the tornado crossed through town, it hit all the residential areas and the roads became impassable. unfortunately we had to call off the c
eric price one of our viewers now. this is the hattiesburg mississippi swiser that touched down a few hours ago. we were waiting for fresh pictures to come in. it has turned up the earth and a whole lot of damage in its wake. i have asked viewers to contact us through report to send both video and pictures. by my twitter page pictures were already starting to come in. we don't know the size, the capacity, the time on the ground, the national weather service will talk about the impact of what you see in the center of your screen. look at that lightening strike. it is staying on the ground for quite sometime. we have different angle of this. can we show viewers the different angle that came through earlier. this has audio on it. listen to the power of the twister moving across hattiesburg, mississippi. i asked people to hit me with their photos. the university of southern mississippi is within that twister path as it was moving across hattiesburg. this is the music building. one of our viewers says her daughter asthevendz inside her apartment building as the twister went
-- the people of hattiesburg, mississippi are trying to assess the damage after a tornado tore through the city on sunday. this is video shot shortly after the tornado touched down. officials say more than a dozen people were injured. martha shade shows us some of the widespread damage.left by the tornado. a severe storm system ripped through the southeast sunday evening, creating this terrifying sight in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> "this is happening right outside my hotel, look at that, look at all that damage dude." >> "i heard the sirens, looked ok outside, and then next thing i know, all the lights went out and it got dark outside and i ran to the bathroom and i could hear all the noise outside. it was really a matter of within seconds everything changed." officials say the tornado caused significant damage in the section of hattiesburg where it touched down. >> "that's a very populated area, a lot of businesses in that area, that's where the growth out from hattiesburg has extended, so there's a pretty large, densely populated with businesses as well as residences in that area." a state
homes damaged across the areas and hattiesburg, multiple reports, there was a large tornado on the ground, that's reported and pictures as well on twitter, if you have any pictures please tweet them to me. reports of homes damaged and power lines out as well and reports of a high school and a baseball field, this is grove high school majorly damaged, so this is reports we're getting out of the hattiesburg area in forest county, mississippi and lawrence and lamar counties, counties where at least five homes have been reported to be damaged and we have more ongoing tornado warnings out across this area, southeastern portions of alabama, mississippi and we're focusing in for the severe weather possible and we have a large system impacting parts of the north central with blizzard conditions and up to 16 inches of snow and wind gusts, 40 miles per hour and the southern side of the system, temperatures are very warm and gulf moisture and high humidity in place and we have two tornado watches across southwestern, alabama and mississippi into southeastern, louisiana both in effect u
this minute." >> i never heard it like that. >> new video of that terrifying tornado that hit hattiesburg. >> slow down, people are hurt! >> a woman and a small child wade into traffic. why they're calling this video a miracle in motion. >>> does lighting firecrackers in a crowd sound like a good idea? what could possibly go wrong? you'll see. >>> we also have your wednesday buzz word, and the harlem shake goes under water and around the world. >>> this tornado is going into hattiesburg. >> you're seeing video of a tornado that touched down in mississippi on sunday. it is three quarters of a mile wide, and it was on the ground, and it stretched 20 miles before it dissipated. >> it touched down for 20 consecutive miles? >> yes. >> the people that caught this video had the audio running, and it is almost as incredible. they're talking to each other trying to imagine each other. >> huge debris! >> you're about to see a large blue flash. and it happens several times in this video, but they keep following. >> keep going all the way down where the lights are. >> wow. that's straight out of the
after a round of severe weather. a tornado tore through the city of hattiesburg on sunday. more than 60 people areunder and hundreds of homes were damaged in at least three counties. there are reports of damage on the campus of the university of southern mississippi but no injuries. >>> parts of the northeast are working to get things ready for the morning commute following this weekend's blizzard. subways and buses will be pretty much back to normal in new york city today and transportation officials in boston are working to get service back on a regular schedule. most airlines say they are running on close to normal schedules. thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark mostly in massachusetts. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths across the northeast and in canada. canad >>> there is tucker barnes. good morning to you. >> we couldn't wait to get to you. >> talk about a surprise. that could have been awkward. let's go right to the hd radar. we have rain showers moving through. the next couple of hours, we'll have showers move through. the rain will quickly move out.
in hattiesburg. the governor has signed a state of emergency for the area. we know at least 20 people are injured. on the phone is jeff brent the spokesperson for the mississippi emergency management agency. what can you tell us? what is happening there right now? seems that you will probably have to wait until daylight to get a true picture of the damage. >> we are facing a couple of situations. any area that was impacted by the tornado that went through the area is without power. dark of course, reit now and especially without power to lend assistance to the first responders in the area to continue the search and rescue operations makes it more challenging. additionally you can see on the radar there is still heavy rainfall falling throughout the area and very strong thunderstorms we are watching right now is moving through maryan into lamar county and expected to move towards or are to the south of the hattiesburg area. they are not over yet. flash flooding still a concern because of the storms falling over the same areas over and over and over for the past several hours. we go to get through
that there is a tornado on the ground in hattiesburg, mississippi. this is in southern mississippi. terry steed from the emergency management district said there is damage. cnn weather team is working on the story. we will be bringing you more information as soon as we have it. of course we've been following other weather news. tomorrow's commute is going to be quite frankly a nightmare in the new england blizzard zone. but who can think about that when there's so much shredding to do, right? this is the important thing to do today. airborne right there. good job. every county in the state got a record amount of snowfall this weekend. cleanup crews in providence, hartford, boston, all working nonstop to get the roads ready for the commute tomorrow. >>> $1 million reward for chris dorner. days of grouped and air searches in the san bernardino mountains have failed to pick up his trail. this is after his burning truck was found in the area on thursday. police are actually scaling back the search there. dorner is described by the police chief as a, "trained assassin." he is accused of killing three peo
hattiesburg, mississippi, where a long tractor nad doe ripped across parts of the state. the twister traveled down one of hattiesburg main streets wanding its way through the university of southern mississippi's campus. governor phil brian has declared a state of emergency with downed trees, mangled buildings and injuries to more than a dozen people. fortunately no deaths have been reported. nbc meteorologist bill karins will have more on the threat of severe weather and potential flash flooding in a few minutes. >>> residents in southern california remain on edge this morning. day five for the man hunt for a former lapd police officer. la authorities have under the stakes in their search offering a record $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner. nbc's miguel alma gar ra has details. >>> law enforcement forces say this is chris tow foredorner dumping a gun belt, a helmet, an lapd uniform and ammunition the morning after his first two murders. the surveillance video captured across the street from a san diego police station. >> the helmet was sitting right
triggered as many as 15 tornadoes, including an especially destructive one near hattiesburg, mississippi. the ominous twister was captured on cell phone video as it descended on the town, as well as the university of southern mississippi. >> it touched down around 6:00 in the evening. it damaged hundreds of homes and ripped the roof off a building on campus. many trees were snapped in half and scattered around the streets. more than a dozen people were injured. but good news here. no reports of any fatalities. >>> and hundreds of miles to the north, drivers across the upper midwest are facing a treacherous morning commute after getting clobbered by a foot of snow and freezing rain. hundreds of cars crashed on slick highways yesterday. blowing snow created near-whiteout conditions in duluth. and several cities declared know emergencies, including minneapolis and st. paul. >>> also snowplows and shovels are still working nonstop this morning to clean up from that monster blizzard that pummeled the northeast over the weekend. >> hamden, connecticut, is buried under 40 inches of snow. take a
by a destructive tornado that injured more than a dozen people. it touched down in hattiesburg yesterday. a state of emergency was reclaired on campus at the university of southern mississippi where the tornado damaged a number of buildings. >> it was just like you hear tornadoings described. it was very loud. very click. the buildings are shake and you can tell that the trees are flying back. >> now the storm threat is gone and now the cleanup begins. the hattiesburg public school district canceled class today because of storm damage. >> look at that. >> when the tornado hit many picked up their cameras and started filming. one woman said it sounded like a train. when she ran to her bedroom, the windows exploded. >> this morning the man hunt continues for the former los angeles police officer wanted in the killings of three people. they have announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of dorner. the mayor of los angeles calls this is a case of domestic terrorism. >> we will not tolerate anyone under mining the security, the tranquility of our neighborhoods and our commun
the damage in hattiesburg, mississippi. after a devastating tornado touched down sunday. at least 18 people were injured in the storm. which ripped through several counties. the twister destroyed several homes and damaged businesses. the mayor of hattiesburg says, crews from other cities are assisting in the clean-up. >> jacqueline: but another cold night. temperatures are going to be continuing to be cold with the morning however, 60s/70's for the afternoon. first, the fog that we are going to see tomorrow for in the north bay, and there is santa rosa. patchy fog for the delta and the inland valleys. however, by 10:00 p.m., sunny skies 5-10:00 a.m. in the morning. to start, just 39 degrees. 30's in napa, freezing in fairfield, livermore. 30's also for the bayshore. for the afternoon if it looks really nice. 66 in cupertino. for the east bay, low 60s. 65 degrees in castro valley. closer to the coast 50s for the coast for the immediate coast. and a range of 60s for the north bay. we will keep it warm and dry. upper 60s. and even low 70's in some locations. it is going to be quite cold but so
weather across the gulf states. hattiesburg, a tornado ripped through at the intensity of an ef-4. that is some destructive winds. i want to show you some of the destruction in the photos here, coming out of hattiesburg, shot on monday morning due to the tornado that ripped through on sunday night, and at least 100 homes damaged. dozens of people injured as this tornado blew through the area, really some absolutely serious footage coming out of there. now it looks like the severe weather is starting to wind down as far as very destructive tornadoes there is still a threat along the gulf coast, going through the next 24 hours. this storm system developing up and starting to push off toward the east in oklahoma. texas, you will see heavy snowfall. out ahead of it, it will put in the warm air from the gulf of mexico. flash flooding, but along the coastline, damaging winds, hail, and a few isolated tornadoes. extending from portions of tallahasee, over toward new orleans. today, tuesday, and it's mardi gras in new orleans. definitely something to watch here with the severe weather pos
service, this tornado was believed to have reached three quarters of a mile in diameter. hattiesburg took the brunt of a series of twister on sunday causing phil bryant to declare a stated of emergency. victor what is it like there this morning? >> reporter: i'm on the west end of hattiesburg on the campus of the university of southern mississippi. look at this building. this building is more than 100 years old. see the top corner? that's the desk of the alumni director. this is some of the more dramatic damage on the campus. there are about a half dozen -- we know that when this came through, it caused injuries around the area. we've been told the latest numbers from the emergency management here up to 60 injuries reported to local hospitals. only ten of those were severe enough to be transported to those hospitals. no major injuries, no deaths. we sue immediately after this storm the videos pop up on youtube. the storm described as being three quarters of a mile wide ripping through the community. homes damaged. roofs being ripped off buildings. we also know the schools here, public sch
raked across the region sunday night. the brunt of the storms hit in and around hattiesburg, mississippi, where a long-track tornado ripped across part of the state. the twister traveled down one of the main streets, winding through the university of southern mississippi campus. the governor declared a state of emergency in seven counties reporting damage including downed trees, mangled buildings, and injuries to more than a dozen people. fortunately no death have been reported. >>> nbc meteorologist bill karins will have the details on the threat of more severe weather and potential flash floods coming up in a few minutes. >>> residents in southern california remain on edge this morning. day five in the manhunt for a former lapd officer suspected in three cold-blooded killings. l.a. authorities have upped the stakes in the search offering a record $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner. nbc has details. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say this is christopher dorner dumping a gun belt, a helmet, lapd uniform, and ammunition the morning after hi
in on hattiesburg, mississippi. >>> for the morning road conditions. slick roads from new england to the carolinas and along the gulf coast. a snowy ride around the dakotas. >>> if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in new orleans, houston, atlanta, philly, new york, boston, and minneapolis. >>> now to the search for former lapd officer and suspected killer christopher dorner. the lapd is spending special protection units to protect certain officers and their families. >> reporter: a tip on the possible sighting of former lapd officer christopher dorner led police to evacuate this lowe's on sunday. no sign of the suspected killer. now police are banding together to offer an incentive. >> collectively this group, led by my office, is posting a reward of $1 million for information that leads to mr. dorner's capture. >> reporter: the reward is high because the stakes are high. >> every dhat dorner is loose, the likelihood of an attack, on either a uniformed police officer, or family of a police officer, is likely. >> reporter: police suspect the 33-year-old fugitive in a week-long reign
stevens and her husband ray survived the tornado that blackened the skies over hattiesburg. caught on amateur video. the funnel was one of several tornados to batter this part of mississippi. the stevens' house is in pieces. they made it out without a scratch. the two of you were -- >> right here. and aggi was right here. >> i got her under me and i was laying on her. >> and we were just literally all on the floor and just covered up on each other. >> reporter: it could have been so much worse for so many. hundreds of houses and apartments were damaged or destroyed. in the immediate aftermath there were no deaths, only two were seriously injured. the stevens credit warning sirens installed two years ago. >> we had been watching television since we got home from church. we were ready as ready could be. >> reporter: the stevens say they had just a matter of minutes from the time they first heard the alarm to when the storm hit. afterward when they came out and saw all of this damage, they realized that warning was just enough for people to take cover because when they started checkin
of hattiesburg. the storm causing major damage to several homes and businesses, including the campus of the university of southern mississippi. parts of louisiana, alabama, and mississippi remain under tornado or flash flood watches at this hour. >>> vice president obama -- as president obama polishes the final draft of his state of the union address he used his saturday address to call on congress. >> at a time when economists and business leaders have said that our economy is poised for progress we shouldn't allow self-inflicted wounds to put that progress in jeopardy. so my message to congress is this. let's keep working together to solve this problem. >> it will be part of the president's state of the union address on tuesday. plus, one senator threatens to derail two key cabinet nominations. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the roundup. >> reporter: whether it comes to the sequester, $85 billion in budget cut, members of congress agreed on one point night. think that sequestration is a bad idea all around. >> we've got to avoid it, we've got stop. >> i think all of us understand if i
at this massive funnel cloud. it ripped through hattiesburg. the town is home to the of southern mississippi. professors say the students were out for a mardi gras rate -- break. several people were hurt and widespread damage. no one was killed. another day of digging out and cleaning up for thousands of . aple in the northeast regiond slammed the to three feet of snow. it brought some of the highest recorded.ons ever is being blamed for at least 15 deaths. the 130,000 customers remained without power. bans have been lifted. flights are resuming in major airports. in our area, we are looking 's temperatures in the 50 .oday we are waiting on that sunshine to help heat things up. -- nice showers orning. you are getting sunshine's in .agerstown it is impacting the temperature. 44 and d.c. petersburg, 62 degrees with that sunshine. a couple of hours away. look at how gloomy it is. the conditions are wreaking at the airports. flights coming into reagan national are average in two hours. what other along the golf -- gulf coast. a little bit of clearing by late this afternoon. the mid-50's.n .e are
injuries. >> the tornado hit hattiesburg, tearing of trees and buildings arved a path through the town. the several buildings on the damaged.ere >> our students get a break on sday for the mardi gras holiday. so the university is probably pretty empty right now which is a good thing. it was like you hear turn is described. loud, very quick. the buildings were shaking and we could see the trees. this was just like after katrina. the garden survived. >> the storm threat is gone and e clean-up begins. >> the clinic also continues in rtheast on friday. more than 3 feet of snow. the weather is blamed for 14 deaths. in the day ahead, the man accused of killing a local nd daughter is set to go on trial. their bodies were found in a burning car. he is also suspected of killing mother andal 09.ghter in january 20 he could face a 100-year prison sentence. >> d.c. police are investigating a double stabbing aat happened outside of nightclub. in men and women were stabbed outsidenday morning the padley boom boom club. police say the people involved were in said the club shortly after the stabbing t
reported.mmrthaashade has the storr. story. 33 the tornado hit hattiesburg... tearing up &ptrees ann buildings as it &pcarved aapatt through the ttwn..- the city is home to the university of southern mississsppi.several buildings &pon campus were damaged, but there were no injuries there. at the university."our students get a break monday anndtuesddy at mardi grrs - holiday so the unnversity ii pretty empty right now. so that's probably a good thing." when theetornado touched down. 3tornadoes describee it was veryy loud vvry uick, he building was shaking and you can tell that the trres were flyyng by."bass took this &pviddo of tte damage o his home after hh tornadoofor him it bringg up memmries of another storm.this issexactty like walkinn ouu of the housee after atrina. it's the xact same scene the ttees aae laying on everything, aad you knowwa lot of prrjectssto build. the gardde survived so, i feel alright abbut thaa. the stormms trreet is gone and now tte cleanup beginssi'm martha ssaae reporting. 3 the blizzard that pummele
over hattiesburg... well, this was the scene as the funnel cloud made its way through the town. homes and businesses were mangled... and the university of southern mississippi campus sustained heavy damage. right now, we're hearing more than a dozen people were injured, but officials say they are not aware of any deaths. john, just some wild weather? another disruption for service at b-w-i -- this one non weather-related. anne arundel county fire officials say an airport shuttle was involved in an accident. we're told the driver and two passengers were on the bus around 6-30 this morning... when it got stuck on the light rail tracks. the driver was trapped for about 30 minutes... and had to be taken to baltimore washington medical center, along with one of the passengers. both suffered non lie- threatening injuries. the tracks were also damaged. [a26]towson fire-transition in baltimore county, fire crews are investigating an afternoon house fire. shortly after 12-30, firefighters responded to the 15-hundred block of providence road in towson. once on the scene, crews say they encounte
of the southeast touching down in three counties. one of the hardest hit cities was hattiesburg, mississippi. good morning patti ann. the pictures and video are insane. watch the massive tornado hit through the heart of hattiesburg, mississippi. >> check this out. it is happening right outside my hotel. look at that. >> the devastating twister injuring dozens and injuring 4200 people without power. >> as the tornado traveled down the city's main street it mangled homes and businesses across the campus of university of southern mississippi. >> i saw it as it was crossing interstate 59. it was coming pretty fast. my heart was racing. i have lived here my whole life. this is surreal. hard to take it in right now. >> the powerful winds flipped cars and tossed a trampoline on top of a damaged red cross relief truck. the red cross center was complete dlis troyed. phil bryant plans to check out all of the damage. >>> thank you so much. i was watching last night. >> all clear now? >> we are still looking at more isolated severe weather across places of alabama and also expecting to see isolated severe wea
. the largest most devastating of at least 15 tornadoes that tore across the deep south. this one in hattiesburg, mississippi. cnn's david mattingly is on the scene for us. it looks awful. how they doing over there? >> reporter: the tornado that touched down here where i'm standing was packing winds of 130 to 140-mile-per-hour winds and you can see what kind of damage it does. while today mississippi residents are assessing the damage, they're doing so with a great sense of relief. >> they're just trees. be careful. >> reporter: joan stevens and her husband ray survived the tornado that blackened the skies other hattiesburg. the funnel was one of several tornadoes to batter this part of mississippi. the stevens house is in pieces but they made it out without a scratch. >> right here. aggie was right here, our dog. >> i just got her under me and i was laying on her. >> we were just literally all right here on the floor. just covered up on each other. >> reporter: it could have been so much worse for so many. 200 houses and 100 apartments were damaged or destroyed. in the immediate aftermath, ther
. about 15 tornadoes reported in that zone. one of them in hattiesburg. dangerously close to a university. our steve osunsami is there in hattiesburg this morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. one tornado warning after another. they just kept coming. this historic building at the university of southern mississippi has stood here for more than 100 years. it was destroyed in seconds. luckily, no one was inside. families in south central mississippi were in the middle of sunday's supper. when, all of a sudden, the sky went dark. then came the sound of terror. a giant tornado screaming through town. >> i have never heard it like that. it's hugely loud. >> reporter: this was the view from a camera right in the tornado's path. immediate destruction. >> stuff falling out of the sky. >> reporter: by the time the tornado hit hattiesburg, residents who recorded these amazing videos, said, it looked a mile wide. >> that is a tornado. >> reporter: lighting up the sky are blown transformers, broken homes, and crumpled cars. >> wow, dude! >> reporter: this morning, authorities say at least ten torna
the first we have heard of and so far still the worst seems to be in hattiesburg, mississippi home to the university of southern mississippi. on the right of your screen you see what used to be this little music building. pile of bricks mostly twisted metal now. school officials reporting several campus buildings were hit. early indications it is a pretty bad scene. this video showing explosion after explosion as power transformers crump el into a fierce storm. the wind strong enough to blow those brick buildings. another view of the same twister with audio. some of you have tweeted me so i am going to lower my voice so you can hear the wind. witnesses say it skirted along the main road. listen to the funnel cloud scream go by. >> meteorologist also call that, i have heard them call that the call or the scream of the actual storm itself. it is mainly just wind. again you see more than transformers going out. our viewers wanted to be able to hear the natural sound of that. so we got that audio up for you. many more of the dramatic images are coming out. continue to send those but pl
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 208 (some duplicates have been removed)